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This site was created to help others who may have gotten a case of the “crazy” nights due to an infant that just doesn’t like to sleep at night. Our little guy kept us up every hour or two, every night, for months on end.

Here was a typical night; we’d put our baby down at about 7 p.m. so we could try and have an hour to ourselves to watch tv or sometimes just so we could have a few minutes to eat. She would usually go to sleep fairly quickly which wasn’t the problem. The problem came in that for the rest of the night, it was every two hours that one of us would be up when the baby started crying for food.

For a while, this worked, no big deal. It’s what all parents go through right? This was what parenting was all about right? It was all fun and games until we all really started to suffer the effects of minimal sleep. We would get angry with each other, be zombies at work, have a short fuse in all respects, and it needed to change.

A friend of ours recommended a book to read that she swore by so we thought we’d give it a shot. It changed our parenting lives forever and we swear by the simplicity and the speed at which we got our entire night back, free from the every two hour feedings.

We invite you to view our blog and check out the best solutions to help your nugget to sleep through the night and give back your rest time.

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