Baby Wakes Up at 5am

Baby Wakes Up at 5am

Nothing can be more frustrating than having your sleep cut short by your new little baby that seems to always either not want to sleep through the night, or are early to wake. Sleep training and curbing early risers can be a tough process but it is worth it to make sure you aren’t sleep deprived and allow you and your baby to sleep longer. We all are sleeping pretty light during the last hour of sleep so its harder to stay asleep during that time. Your little baby also has a lot more energy if they wake up early so they will almost definitely not be going back to sleep soon.

Although it might seem like the early morning hours for you, if your baby is sleeping from 7 pm to 6 am, with minimal night wakings, it is perfectly normal as they are receiving about 11 hours of rest. You can’t really expect your baby to sleep more than 11 hours but if they are sleeping less than that, there are some things you can do to try and adjust their sleep schedule. Keep in mind that even if your child is sleeping 10-1/2 hours, as long as they are rested and full of energy and can make it until nap time for some daytime sleep, they are getting a suitable amount of rest for their little body.

If she is in bed by 7pm and then your baby wakes up at 5am, for example, you can try pushing down their bed time by 15 minutes and then allow a few days to see if your infant is sleeping later in the morning. Sometimes, this technique can have the opposite effect and your baby will wake up earlier so it is important to make any changes in small steps.


How do I stop my baby waking up at 5am?

Here are some other ideas to try if your child happens to be an early bird:

  • Just like an adult, your baby will sleep best when their room is dark so make sure the room is completely dark and there aren’t any lights from electronics or anything else. Lights can mess with your little nuggets circadian rhythms.
  • If you do happen to live somewhere where there can be unexpected noise such as barking dogs, traffic, or even sprinklers, consider using a white noise machine and make sure the volume is high enough that it will drown out those sounds.
  • Remove any toys from the crib that may be a distraction in the mornings when you baby may have an early morning wake where they can usually go back to sleep. The goal is for them to fall back to sleep instead of waking up to play.Don’t check on your baby during the last hour of sleep time. Your presence may be just enough to wake them up and once they see you, they will be up and wide awake.
  • Be sure that your child’s bed time is not too late for their age. If your child is getting up too early, try adjusting their bedtime by 15 minutes increments so they are falling asleep earlier in the evening and see what the effect is in the morning with their early rising. Sometimes, this will allow your child to sleep later. Occasionally the reverse will happen and they will wake up even earlier. If that happens, simply go back to your original bed time. In doing so, you will allow your child to sleep later, as he is less overtired at bedtime. If moving the bedtime earlier doesn’t change their awake time, you may want to consider keeping the earlier bedtime anyways to help your child get the right amount of night sleep for his age.
  • All of this may not work if your child is hungry so make sure they are well fed and content. You may want to slow the process down for a child under 12 months and give them a little bit of extra time to adjust to having less frequent feedings. You should also be making sure they are fed extra during the day to last them through the night and help them with the transition. The goal is for your child to not be going to sleep while still hungry.


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